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Struggling to Finish Your Tracks?

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Hi there,

I'm Eric from EDM Theory...

And I HATE music theory.


Well, not exactly…

I actually love music theory, but I hate how it’s usually taught. I founded EDM Theory to cut through the noise out there and to clarify exactly what you need to learn in order to make great EDM.

No mindless memorization.

No more feeling frustrated in your DAW.

And absolutely no B.S.

At EDM Theory, I'm all about sparking your creativity one beat, one chord, one melody at a time. 

If you want real, practical advice and insider hacks to take your music to the next level, check out the FREE section of my website to grab some freebies:

What is The EDM Theory Producer Bootcamp?

The EDM Theory Bootcamp’s sole mission is to transform you from being a struggling, uninspired, run-of-the-mill producer into a truly confident, motivated, and high-output professional who can handle any musical situation.