"EDM Theory helps you become a more confident and creative artist: one beat, one chord, one melody at a time." 


EDM Theory's mission is to help EDM producers learn and apply music theory so that they can become more confident and creative artists. I believe that studying music theory increases producers' creativity, productivity, and understanding, and that it should be taught in a manner that is as clear, practical, and cutting-edge as possible.


EDM Theory's vision to be the #1 thought leader among companies that teach music theory to electronic producers. I will achieve this by producing high-quality, practical products that revolutionize the way that people think about and create electronic music.

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Hey there, I'm Eric from EDM Theory. I founded this company after being fed up with the mindless memorization mindset that has been rampant in music education for decades. Who am I to challenge the established order? Just a guy who is brave enough to say out loud: "It can be better."


I'm a music producer, audio engineer, author, entrepreneur, and former scientist. I've studied under people like Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5Hans Zimmer, Hyperbits, Brian Hood, Grant CardoneBrendon Burchard, and Jason Capital. I've published six books on music production and theory and run my own studio, EX Music Production.

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