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38 Hacks to Double Your Music Output

With these 38 easy, practical tips, you'll learn:

  • How to get "into the zone" more often and stay there.

  • Why every producer needs to master four specific keystone skills (The Four Pillars).

  • How to eliminate distractions and go into every studio session feeling confident.

The Ultimate MIDI Starter Pack

This EPIC sample pack is perfect for anyone who wants:

  • Over 150 free MIDI samples.

  • Pre-made chords that just "work" with their basslines.

  • Progressions with built-in music theory that are easily converted into ANY musical key (major and minor!).

5-Step Guide to Perfect Arrangements

Demystify the art of arrangement and get real answers by:

  • Learning how to layer instruments for perfect mixes.

  • Seeing real DAW-based examples.

  • Having a step-by-step structure to follow so you're never lost when arranging again.

The Most Important 5 Keys for EDM

Ever wonder which keys the pros are writing in? You'll get:

  • Insider knowledge of which keys the pros use.

  • Practical tips on how to use each key effectively.

  • Detailed reference piano illustrations.

  • Lists of example songs from famous artists.

The Motivation Mini-Course

In this 4-point email course, I'll walk you through:

  • Why each of The Four Pillars from the 38 Hacks to Double Your Music Output guide is so important for producers to work on.

  • How to conquer your internal fears and pursue music without holding back.

  • How to build a firm foundation of musical knowledge to build off of.

  • The secret to Tritonal's success, and how you can duplicate it.

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