Brand new to music production and struggling with theory? 


Confused with Roman numerals and staff notation?

Want fast, practical, applications-based results in the studio?


These PDF textbooks are your solution.

Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation™

This cutting-edge electronic textbook uses keyboard illustrations and over 40+ embedded, high-quality audio examples to explain:

  • How music works from a beginner EDM producer's perspective, without having to memorize classical terms.

  • How to make songs sound happy, sad, epic, and beautiful.

  • How to use step-by-step templates and "hacks" to improve your confidence and see fast results.

Scales: EDM Theory's Ultimate Guide

With over 150 pages of advanced, step-by-step instruction, this electronic textbook explains:

  • Five different methods for how to make any scale, with illustrated keyboard and DAW examples.

  • What makes the major, minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales all different and important for EDM.

  • What the circle of fifths is, how transposition works, and how all of the musical modes are related to each other.

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