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Hey there, fellow producer!


Be honest...

Do you ever feel like something's missing in your music? Are you consistently frustrated and feeling like nothing works for you?

Look, we've all been there. One minute, we're super "in the zone," and the next, we're frustrated, overwhelmed, and rage quitting our DAW.

And that really sucks...

So how do we fix it? What's the secret sauce to mastering music production, feeling confident, and killing writers' block?

The answer may surprise you...

It's not the latest plugin. It's not the latest processing chain. It's not even that snare that you've been tweaking for hours but still can't get right...

It's music theory

And before you get up in arms about how "hard," "boring," or "irrelevant" you THINK music theory is, the cold, hard truth is that you're already using it


Whether or not you want to admit it, you're already familiar with the foundational building blocks of music. Music theory has already been ingrained in your mind from birth with every pop, rock, EDM, and classical song you've ever heard. 

Do you ever find yourself humming along to a song you've never heard, somehow knowing what will come next?

Of course you have. All of the concepts are already intuitive and a part of you.


But to use them consciously, you have to unlock them.

And that's EXACTLY what the system in my new ebook, Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation™, will do for you.

I specifically designed Simple Music Notation™ (the system for learning theory) to be just that - SIMPLE. I've distilled all the basic concepts of theory into practical, step-by-step instruction that's so easy to follow, you'll be wondering why you ever bothered to learn it the old way.

The old system is broken.


It holds you back from unleashing the natural abilities you already have.


Let me install my system in you through this ebook to unlock your natural talent.


No mindless memorization of archaic classical terms. No having to learn staff notation. No Roman numerals. And absolutely no B.S. - just hacking theory to its core in order to unlock it from within you.

I get it - you think it sounds too good to be true. You're skeptical.


I would be too, if I hadn't seen the results for myself...

Because almost every person who's used my ebook gave up on learning theory at one point in their musical career. Even I DID.


But then I developed this system, and everything changed for me...


You see, the more skeptical you are, the more overwhelmed you feel, the more convinced you are that you (yes, YOU!) can't learn theory...

The more my ebook will completely revolutionize your ability to make music.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling...




I asked university professors, professional performing musicians, and recording studio engineers what they thought about Simple Music Notation™. Here's what they had to say*:

Roy Malan
Former Concertmaster, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra

“The book looks great. As a violinist born with absolute pitch (one step beyond perfect pitch, enabling me to name the pitch resulting when anything is dropped on the ground, for example), I'm always fascinated with work like this.”

Peter K. Marsh
Associate Professor, Department of Music, CSU East Bay

“Simple Music Notation™ is a good idea. In our program, we get many students asking if they could produce music without having to go through the formal music theory course cycle. There needs to be away of reaching these folks that want to make music but don't have the time or interest in extended musical training. I like the conversational tone of the text.” 

J.J. Wiesler
Studio Engineer, Decibelle Recording Studio, San Francisco

“I think it's a great idea, and any book that can explain just enough to get some aspiring musicians to their 'aha' moment is a welcome addition to the discussion.” 

Jack Kertzman
Studio Manager & Engineer, Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco

“Simple Music Notation™ is concise, and I imagine engineers/producers without a formal music background will find it useful.” 

Elisa Moles
Award-Winning Flutist and Flute Instructor at CSU Fresno

“I think that the explanations are very clearly written, especially with the layout and figures.” 

Kimberly L. Bruder, Ph.D.
Music Faculty, CSU Chico

“The book is clear, accurate, and fun to read.” 

*These quotations are from real professionals in the music industry. EDM Theory emailed them asking for their professional opinion of the ebook. The quotations are taken from their email responses and are the true beliefs and opinions of the originators. They were NOT paid for their testimonials.


Sure, academics and professionals love it. But what about new and up-and-coming producers? I asked people for feedback on Instagram, and the response was amazing

Here's what they had to say:


*These screenshots were taken from REAL interactions with real people on Instagram. EDM Theory asked for honest feedback on the ebook. They are the true beliefs and opinions of the originators. They were NOT paid for their feedback. EDM Theory is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook, Inc.



85 pages of step-by-step instructional text, written in a casual, conversational tone so that you don't die of boredom while reading it.


 PDF format with embedded audio, optimized for learning on your laptop, tablet, and phone.


Over 40+ high-quality WAV files embedded in the ebook so that you can hear and truly understand what you're learning.


Teaches theory using basic numbers and keyboard illustrations only - no need to learn staff notation!



Part I builds your musical knowledge from the ground up, starting with pitch, frequency, and the piano keyboard. You'll learn about:

  • Pitch, pitch class, and notes

  • Frequency and scientific pitch notation (which is what all major DAWs use)

  • How to bypass the classical system using simple numbers

  • What the major and minor modes are

  • How to use intervals without memorizing terms



Part II dives into the practical applications of theory you can use to instantly improve your music. You'll get chapters on:

  • Octaves and The Rule of Seven

  • The RFS Method for Chords (a system so easy, you'll be wondering why you hadn't thought of it!)

  • Chord Progressions and Cadences

  • Key Transposition and Modulation

  • Arrangement Hacks for EDM (Including a step-by-step template)



Tired of endlessly searching the Internet for useful information? These appendices give you the resources you've been looking for in a detailed, organized way:

  • A reference piano keyboard

  • Methods for calculating intervals

  • Key conversion charts for EVERY major and minor scale

  • The circle of cadences (the circle of fifths)



Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation contains the simplest, easiest, and most effective system for learning music theory for EDM, period. It "hacks" theory concepts to their core in order to unlock the musical potential within you. If you've ever given up on learning theory in the past, this is the perfect product for you. 

Look, I believe you're destined for greatness. You're destined to make that music in your mind. You're meant to tell your story, to share your art, to manifest your visions into reality.


You just need the right tool, the right key to unlock everything.


I founded EDM Theory exactly for that purpose. And to prove to you how much I believe in my product, and in your ability to use it successfully, I'm going to give you THREE additional PDF guides as bonuses in order to bulletproof your success.


Here's what you'll be getting when you buy my ebook today:

Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation™ ($97 Value)

Unlock your inner theory with my flagship ebook. With 85 pages of step-by-step content and 40+ audio examples, you'll learn:

  • How music works from an EDM producer's perspective, without having to learn staff notation or memorize classical terms.

  • How to increase your music output, kill writers' block, and be confident every time you open your DAW.

  • How to use step-by-step templates and "hacks" to see fast results (even if you've struggled with theory in the past)

+BONUS 1: 50 Music Challenges for EDM Producers ($50 BONUS VALUE)

The perfect companion to Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation™, this ebook contains:

  • 50 creative prompts to inspire you and spark your creativity in the studio.

  • Practical challenges for you to implement what you've been learning.

  • Great exercises to experiment and practice with.

+BONUS 2: 3 Tracks in 30 Days: How to Finish Your First EP ($50 BONUS VALUE)

This guide will walk you through my personal 3-step formula for writing a 3-track EP in 30 days, including:

  • Prompts for brainstorming and organizing your ideas.

  • How to schedule effectively, with an example 30-day calendar.

  • Practical tips and tricks for executing your vision.

+BONUS 3: Track Finishing Checklist

How do you know when a track is really finished? This in-depth checklist focuses your mind on the things that really matter for:

  • Your personal and musical themes in the track.

  • The arrangement, mixing, and mastering.

  • All the technical things you should check before release.

($222 in Total Value)


 I'm 100% positive that my ebook, with all three of the bonuses, will unlock the theory within you and have a HUGE impact on your ability to make great music.

But what if it doesn't? 

No problem - just email me within 30 days of purchase, and I'll give you a full refund. Just fill out a quick exit questionnaire so I know where I went wrong. 


There's absolutely NO risk to you. So what are you waiting for?

Buy the ebook!

*EDM Theory is not affiliated with Apple, Inc. and does not intend to infringe on its trademarked logo.


Hey there, I'm Eric from EDM Theory. I developed Simple Music Notation™ and founded this company after being fed up with the mindless memorization mindset that has been rampant in music education for decades. Who am I to challenge the established order? Just a guy who is brave enough to say out loud: "It can be better."


I'm a music producer, audio engineer, author, entrepreneur, and former scientist. I've studied under people like Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5Hans Zimmer, Hyperbits, Brian Hood, Grant Cardone, and Brendon Burchard. I've been personally mentored by Jason Capital (named one of the top entrepreneurs by Forbes). I've published six ebooks (including two full-length textbooks) and run my own studio, EX Music Production.



What is Simple Music Notation™? Is it legit?

Simple Music Notation™ is a system of describing music based on simple numbers and keyboard illustrations (like a DAW). I developed it after years of being frustrated with the classical system of music notation and theory. It's a completely legit system based on analytical and critical thinking, NOT on memorization. Check out the "What the Experts Say" section to hear what actual college professors, performing musicians, and professional studio engineers think of it.

Can I get a sample or a preview of the book?

To get an idea of the book's content, I highly recommend you sign up to join The EDM Theory Family, which is my mailing list. I'll send you several free how-to PDF ebooks that are similar in writing but smaller in breadth and depth. Check out the "FREE" section of this website to learn more.

What if I eventually want to learn classical notation?

Simple Music Notation™ was designed to be compatible with classical notation. If you want to learn classical score notation or go deeper into traditional theory, you will already have a foundation of knowledge to work from after reading this book.

Is learning music theory really necessary for EDM?

You can fumble around in your DAW until the cows come home, but having a firm foundation of musical concepts will save you tons of time and energy in the long run. All of the great artists of our time (Zedd, Seven Lions, Tritonal, to name a few) know and use music theory.

Can't I just learn all this stuff on YouTube?

No, you can't. Simple Music Notation™ is a new, cutting-edge, proprietary system developed by EDM Theory. There are tons of resources out there for learning music theory in general, if you want to learn classical notation. But no one else has anything like this on the market.

How much previous knowledge is needed?

Absolutely none. I designed the ebook to walk a beginner through basic music theory, teaching from the ground up and assuming nothing. While written with the beginner in mind, the concepts are fundamental to music theory in general and are applicable to all levels of learning.

Do I need to use a specific DAW for this?

No. This is a PDF ebook, not computer software or plugins - all you need is a PDF viewer (works best on Adobe Acrobat) in order to read and use the book.

Does this ebook teach mixing and mastering?

Hacking Theory with Simple Music Notation™ and 50 Music Challenges for EDM Producers are focused specifically on teaching musical composition and music theory, NOT on the technical side of production. 3 Tracks in 30 Days helps you schedule mixing and mastering when writing an album, and Track Finishing Checklist includes mixing and mastering checkboxes. But no, these products do not teach you specifically how to mix and master.

What is music theory?

Music theory is a way of studying and describing the fundamental aspects of how and why music is written. If you've heard of harmony, melody, arrangement, structure, chords, etc., those are alll music theory terms.

Are all of those testimonials actually real?

Yes, absolutely. It's illegal in the United States to use fake testimonials (see FTC regulations regarding testimonials for more information)

Pricing & Payments

Why do my statements say EX Music Production?

EX Music Production is EDM Theory's legal entity.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! Payments are processed by PayPal, which uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. EDM Theory never sees your financial information. Non-payment information (e.g. email address) is collected per EDM Theory's privacy policy, which you can read about by clicking the "Privacy Policy" link in the footer of this page.

Do you have a refund policy or guarantee?

EDM Theory has a 30-day money-back guarantee. EDM Theory must receive a refund request by email within thirty (30) days of purchase. EDM Theory will refund the full purchase price of your product (discounts not included), subject to filling out a quick exit questionnaire. To request a refund, email eric@edmtheory.com

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